This is a second attempt at ink blogging. My original attempt at My Old Ink Blog used b2evolution. There are a number of ink posts there dating back to January of 2006. But now (Spetember 2006) I am using WordPress which is more compatible with Windows Live Writer for publishing posts. To use WLW with b2evolution required a significant time investment to upgrade b2e to a version compatible with WLW. I decided to therefore convert to WordPress which seems to have more support by a number of blogging tools. The final point that tipped the scale for me was Ed Holloway’s plugin for WLW which enabled ink. Although there are a couple of things that I would like to see Ed do with this plugin, it has enabled me to resume ink blogging. My old methods required for b2e were too time consuming for my travel schedule. Multiple steps were involved to create a single post. WLW with Ed’s plugin simplified my steps significantly enough that now ink blogging is feasible again.

This blog is an experiment in using ink generated by a Tablet PC for blogs. The desire to do this was in my mind for awhile from inspiring postings at The Buzz. But it was Sumocat who seems to have the most workable method for a non-IIS solution with searchable text. I am emulating his technique for ink blogging. Hope he doesn’t mind 🙂

I may cover many topics of little interest to you, so choose the ones you like and ignore the others. Farther down this side bar you can select what you want to see. Otherwise, you will see it all. Hopefully you won’t ignore all!

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