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I'm in Charlotte NC, for what should be my last trip of the year.I went well over 100k miles, having crossed that threshold in October. Five trips to London, UK and several to San Francisco quickly add up. This coming year doesn't look significantly different I'm sitting in CLT airport-killing an hour before my flight starts to board. The airport is festive, maybe because there aren't weather any cancellations or delays. The piano in the inter-terminal atrium is occupied with the pianist playing Christmas blues.As I reflect upon the past year, I have spent too many nights away from home, read a lot of books, made new friends, watched friends suffer health issues with their children. I certainly miss time with my kids and wife.

With Jay and Scott at college, it's especially difficult when they are home and I am not, such as this week while I am in Denver.

In the event I don't add to this blog this year, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


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